SaveSwitcher 2 (Profile Manager)

Cyberpunk 2077, like The Witcher 3, still does not support multiple separate save-slots for multiple runs through the game or multiple players...
You want to backup your savegames? 
You want another person to be able to play the game with an additional savegame
SaveSwitcher 2 provides a simple to master interface to create multiple user savegames. This is the Cyberpunk version for my app that already existed for The Witcher 3: 
The Witcher 3 SaveSwitcher 2 (Profile Manager) at The Witcher 3 Nexus - Mods and community
The app will inform you if your saves have changed while you were away (e.g. because of online synchronization) and prevent data loss.
ATTENTION! Stored backups will be lost if you update from an older version of the SaveSwitcher!


The SaveSwitcher functions as a game launcher. That way the backup is synchronized automatically whenever the game is closed. 
It can also be refreshed manually at any time.
The app is especially targeted at handling the problem of online synchronization of different savegames e.g. by GOG Galaxy. This can happen 
if multiple people use the same game license.
If the app recognizes that the savegame has changed during off time (probably because of syncing) your old save is still present by its backup.
The new savegame can then be stored in a different profile. That way no data is lost.
The app now has Steam-support which should eliminate the necessity to manually set the game path in these cases.

Execute the setup.exe to install the application to your computer. 
(Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 required, but should be no problem on up-to-date Windows Systems). 
The App should then be accessible via the start-menu. There it can be launched, uninstalled or shortcuts are created.
There are no further dependencies.
As I don't own the GOG version of this game I can't exactly test it. So feel free to submit any feedback you have.
Please report any bugs / problems / inconveniences you encounter!

GitHub Project:

Look for changelogs, what may be coming in the future or even pre-releases.
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